4 Ways to Prepare for the Next Hurricane or Tropical Storm

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4 Ways to Prepare for the Next Hurricane or Tropical Storm


We Floridians live in what is essentially paradise, from inland swamps to our beautiful beach fronts. But we still have to deal with the reality of hurricanes every year. The best way to deal with a hurricane is to be well prepared and well informed, and there are a few important steps to follow the next time a hurricane or tropical storm is brewing and heading our way.


Have a Plan


To keep your family safe, make an emergency plan and be sure that everyone is well informed of that plan. Determine where your family members will gather to ride out the storm or where you’ll meet before evacuating together if that is required. Be sure to make arrangements for elderly family members or those who can’t drive themselves.


Prepare a First Aid Kit


This should be more than just a cursory first aid kid you’d normally have on hand. It should include all the medical basics, but also a flashlight, radio, extra batteries, cash, as well as plenty of food and water for every person in your family. The Red Cross has a comprehensive guide here.


Stock Up on Food and Water


The Red Cross suggests that you have at least one gallon of water per person per day, and that you have enough to last for three days. In addition, stock your freezer full of food; use dry ice and set your freezer’s thermostat as low as it can go in order to keep your food safe for longer in case you lose power.


Know Whether You Need to Evacuate and If So, Where


Pay attention to local news and weather reports as to whether or not mandatory evacuations will be enforced. If you do need to evacuate, try to do so quickly, as gasoline can run short and traffic can be incredibly heavy as thousands of other citizens leave town ahead of the storm.


Be Prepared with Reliable, Clean Energy


Whether you ride out the storm or have to evacuate, chances are your home will lose power at some point during a severe hurricane or tropical storm every so often. With a Tesla PowerWall backup battery, you can count on keeping the lights on even when the grid goes dark. A Tesla PowerWall can be added to new or existing solar energy arrays and is the absolute best way to have a reliable, safe, and seamless power source during hurricane season and throughout the rest of the year.


ProSolar Florida Can Help


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