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Our Passion

Solar Energy

Solar Energy



Who we are

Since 2008, we’ve served the U.S. Virgin Islands residents as a leading provider of renewable energy products for homes and Commercial Structures. We’ve assisted hundreds of families and business owners make the switch to solar energy, helping them save money and the environment at the same time. We have a passion for solar energy and for how it can dramatically reduce your utility bill and give your family energy independence. But we also love the beautiful islands we live in, and we’re motivated to help promote the environmental benefits of clean, renewable energy like solar far and wide in an effort to make a positive impact on our planet.

Our commitment

At ProSolar, we are committed to making a positive impact on our community. By empowering our clients through education and cultivating trust, we believe our work is helping create a better tomorrow. We’re also committed to helping make complex energy choices simple through our dedication to one-on-one customer service and a personalized approach to each and every project we take on. This dedication includes adhering to solar energy policy advancements, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of regulatory and environmental standards. You can count on our commitment to our community, the future, and you — the client — when you switch to solar with ProSolar.

Our products & services

We offer a wide variety of renewable energy products and services, and can craft a package that will meet your energy needs and goals.

Residential Solar Systems

Reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bill, and power your home with a solar energy array. These systems are designed not only for energy efficiency but also to align with contemporary solar energy project management practices, ensuring seamless integration and operation.

Tesla Powerwall

Powerwall allows you to achieve total energy independence; the unit is a sleek, low-profile backup battery that stores surplus power for use during outages and natural disasters.

Commercial Solar Systems

Powering your office or commercial structure with solar provides a reliable, clean source of energy you can count on and that can reduce monthly expenses.

Why we care?

Whatever your energy goals may be, we can help you reach them with over a decade of experience and expertise. We have a passion for providing you with excellent service and a reliable, high-quality product.


Concern for the environment


A passion for solar