Become Energy Independent with Solar Energy

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The financial benefits of solar energy, as well as its environmental impact, are some of the most talked about aspects of solar power. However, solar energy also provides the opportunity to become energy independent, and this is one of the less-talked about benefits of solar energy.

Energy Independence


Energy independence means you don’t have to rely on the traditional electrical power grid to power your home. This is achievable with solar energy. Once a solar array is installed, the power of the sun’s rays is what drives your home. This means that even when your neighbors lose power in a storm, your solar array backup system will keep your lights on.

Even on cloudy days, you can count on having power from your solar array. With a Tesla PowerWall backup battery, your system will easily store excess energy to be used when it is most needed. Further, we can help you set up a net metering program with your solar array, meaning you will receive energy credits when your system generates more energy than is needed.

ProSolar Florida offers a wide array of residential and commercial solar array options and can help you take the first step toward energy independence.

Consider an Electric Vehicle, Too


ProSolar Florida is also proud to offer a wide array of electric vehicles for your consideration. Being energy independent doesn’t just pertain to your home. An electric car will free you from having to make regular stops at a gas station, and rising fuel prices won’t be a concern at all when you drive an electric vehicle.

Take the First Step with ProSolar Florida


Energy independence with solar energy will not only dramatically and positively impact your finances and the environment, but it will give you the peace of mind knowing that your home or office will have power no matter what happens. Take the first step toward energy independence and contact ProSolar Florida to set up a risk-free consultation!