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Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of energy that harnesses particles of sunlight and turns them into usable energy to power homes and commercial structures across the world.

The photons from the sun’s rays, or the particles of light that reaches Earth, power natural processes on Earth — solar energy systems utilize solar panels and other methods to convert these particles into energy.

The process by which a solar energy system powers your home is nothing short of amazing. There’s an impressive amount of technology taking place in every solar panel, which is a relatively small space. Most solar energy systems on residential and commercial structures are photovoltaic systems, which convert the sun’s rays with solar panels using the photovoltaic effect.

The photovoltaic effect looks something like this: sunlight hits a semiconductor within a solar panel, which is most often made of silicon. This causes electrons to be loosened, generating an electric current that is sent to wiring within the panel. This creates a direct current (DC), which is then converted with a solar converter to an alternating current (AC), which matches the currents found in U.S. electrical grids and common household electrical items and appliances.

Compared to fossil fuels, which are the traditional sources of energy in the U.S., solar energy is the way to a cleaner, renewable, efficient, and more environmentally conscious future!

Solar energy is completely renewable — there is plenty of sunlight to go around. However, the reality is that fossil fuels are a nonrenewable resource. Once the supply is gone, it’s gone until the Earth can produce more over the course of a few million years. Solar energy is also easily accessible — all that’s needed is direct sunlight. No mining or damaging Earth’s ecosystems is required.

EnergySage estimates that solar energy is also cheaper to use than fossil fuels, with the lowest price per kWh of fossil fuels sitting at $0.38/kWh compared to solar energy at $0.029/kWh.

But more importantly, solar energy doesn’t contribute to the harmful effects of climate change. When fossil fuels are burned, this creates CO2. This carbon dioxide gets stuck in the Earth’s atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise. Solar energy, on the other hand, emits no harmful greenhouse gases and is completely clean.

Solar energy is truly the energy source of the future because it’s completely clean, renewable, easy to access, and doesn’t harm the Earth’s atmosphere!

ProSolar CARIBBEAN: Our Experience & Services

We’re part of ProSolar Systems, and we’ve been in business for over ten years — 12 to be exact. We bring over a decade of experience in the solar energy industry to each and every project. We’ve seen the industry grow and the technology expand over the years, so we’re able to offer the most knowledgeable analysis and insightful suggestions for your solar energy project. 

ProSolar Caribbean currently serves residential and commercial clients in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

If you’re not located in these areas, reach out to other ProSolar Systems branches in Florida, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands.

The great news about solar energy is that a system requires little to no maintenance once it’s installed. Our solar arrays come with a 25 year warranty and are constructed of the highest quality aluminum, stainless steel, UV resistant plastic, and glass to ensure durability for years to come. 

Most solar arrays will be just fine with an occasional rain shower or gentle hose rinse to keep them clean and free of debris. If any problems arise, ProSolar Caribbean will be there to assist. But our warranty and craftsmanship will give you peace of mind in knowing that once your array is installed, it’s there to stay and operate smoothly for the long haul.

Yes! We install solar energy arrays to both residential AND commercial structures. The benefits of solar energy aren’t limited to strictly homeowners or business owners — both can benefit from increased property value, lower monthly energy bills, and energy security from clean, affordable, renewable energy.

In addition, both homeowners and business owners will appreciate the reliability that comes with solar energy when coupled with a backup battery like Tesla Powerwall. This setup helps homeowners seamlessly transition from solar panels to backup battery on cloudy days, at night, and during or after bad storms.

Structures that don’t have solar panels but employ Tesla Powerwall can also count on low-cost energy during grid outages. This is especially meaningful for businesses that demand constant electricity, such as those in the healthcare or food service industries, where power outages can put lives in danger or cost thousands of dollars in inventory loss.

Definitely! For ProSolar Caribbean, no project is too small or too large! 

Whether you have a huge warehouse you want to power with solar energy, or you’re looking to make your small 2 bedroom home energy independent — or anything in between! — we can help make that happen. 

Some of our previous clients include residential homes of all sizes, hotels, athletic complexes, churches, and more. Check out some of our past projects to see what we could do for your property. 

Net Metering is a method of billing for solar energy system owners that often results in substantially lower energy bills and credits with your energy company. Your solar energy system will typically generate more energy during the day than your home will use. Net Metering allows you to sell energy that you don’t use back to the grid, giving you a credit for the extra energy you’re producing. This results in lower future electric bills. 

NOTICE: As of 2018 WAPA has discontinued the Net Metering Program.

Certainly! Here’s how it works: when you have Tesla Powerwall backup battery installed in your home WITH solar panels, your solar array will power your home during the day and direct surplus energy to Tesla Powerwall. Tesla Powerwall will discharge when it determines energy is needed most, such as when the sun goes down at night, or during severe weather. 

Without solar panels, Tesla Powerwall will charge during times of the day when energy rates are low. This provides you with a surplus of the most affordable energy provided by your power company. Then, the unit will discharge during peak rate hours — so you’re not paying peak energy rates, but instead are using the low-cost energy your Tesla Powerwall stored hours earlier. 

Benefits of Solar Energy

The amount of money you’ll save on energy every month depends largely on whether or not your home is still connected to the grid or if it utilizes a backup battery like Tesla Powerwall.

If your home utilizes  Tesla Powerwall in conjunction with solar panels, you’ll see the greatest savings because your backup battery will store free, clean solar energy that is generated by your system during the day. If you don’t have Tesla Powerwall, your home will depend on the grid at night and potentially during storms or rain, so you’ll still be subject to energy company rates at those times. 

Solar energy is a gamechanger in particular for businesses that spend huge sums on power for large spaces or spaces that demand constant or large amounts of power. Our clients have seen savings of up to 100% on energy bills, and that’s entirely possible for you, too, when you switch to solar with ProSolar Caribbean. 

You’ll start seeing savings as soon as your system is operational, but you’ll begin to notice a difference when you receive your first utility bill after installing your solar energy system. You may see savings of up to 100% on your energy bills once you switch to solar. 

How your solar energy system responds when it gets dark, storms, or when a grid outage occurs depends on whether you have Tesla Powerwall or similar backup battery installed alongside your system or if your home is still connected to the grid. 

If you have Tesla Powerwall backup, your Tesla Powerwall will charge during the day, when the solar panels generate a surplus of energy that is then stored in the backup battery. When it storms or gets dark, Tesla Powerwall discharges this surplus energy, and your home continues to run like clockwork. If you have Tesla Powerwall, you have no need to be connected to the grid, so you’ll still have power for as long as your backup battery has charge in the event of severe storms or grid outages. 

If you don’t have  Tesla Powerwall backup with your solar energy system, your home will revert to energy from the grid when it gets dark, or during severe weather that prevents solar panels from experiencing direct sunlight. Because you will not have a backup, your home will still be connected to the grid and thus will be vulnerable to grid outages. 

If your home has Tesla Powerwall without solar panels, the backup battery will store energy during times of the day when energy rates are at their lowest, giving you a surplus. During grid outages, Tesla Powerwall will discharge seamlessly — in a fraction of a second — without disturbing any of your appliances or other items in your home that need electricity. You’ll have backup power for as long as Tesla Powerwall remains charged. 

Your solar energy system has the potential to raise your home value by up to 15%! Solar panels are an added selling point you can add to your home description when and if you want to sell your home in the future. 

A solar energy system can be sold with your house and easily transferred to the new owner. In some financing situations, payments may be transferred to the new owner as well. Read more about this in the Financing section below. 


Terms may vary depending on your situation, but if you’re financing your system, you may have the option of transferring payments to the new homeowner if you sell your home before you’ve made the final payment for your solar array. 

This way, you’ll only pay for what you use — and solar panels can increase the value of your home by up to 15%! 

No. We can help you get up to 100% financing for your solar energy array. Solar energy is possible, no matter your budget or income! 

We work with several financing institutions to make sure you get the best deal available. 

You may be able to receive up to 100% financing for your solar array, with payments that work well for your budget. 

Solar energy is for everyone — that’s why we’ll connect you with the best financial institutions out there to help you reach terms that work for you and make solar energy possible, regardless of your budget.

Most of the time, no. As stated in the answer above, most financial institutions help homeowners get up to 100% financing with NO large upfront costs for solar energy systems. To learn more please contact us. 

Consultation & Installation

Solar energy systems require little to no maintenance once they’re installed. As long as your panels get sprinkled with rain or gently rinsed with a hose every few months, they’re good to go. In addition, our solar arrays are constructed with high-quality, durable materials that won’t rust or become damaged when exposed to the elements. 

If problems do arise, your solar energy system is backed by a 25 year warranty and ProSolar Caribbean is here to help with any questions or concerns that arise. You can also monitor your Tesla Powerwall’s energy consumption and operation with the Tesla app for your smartphone. 

Great! Give us a call, email us, or fill out our contact form first. One of our Solar Energy Specialists will be in touch within a day or two. We’ll then arrange an energy assessment and consultation, where you can learn about your solar energy options and how solar energy will benefit your property. We’ll also begin discussing financing options and gathering details on the size, features, and placement of your solar energy system. 

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