Overall Financial Savings of Solar Energy for Florida Residents

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You may be interested in solar because you want to be environmentally conscious and do your part to reduce your carbon footprint. But it turns out that solar energy actually has the potential to save homeowners — especially Florida residents — a substantial amount of money at the same time.


Ways to Save with Solar


Solar energy not only gives you a clean and quiet power source; it can actually give you an energy credit each month instead of a bill, provide a hefty federal tax credit, and increase your home value.


Whether you’re considering installing a solar array, or have recently installed a system and are trying to learn about all the benefits in store for you, check out a few of the impressive financial benefits of solar energy:


  • Net metering: Florida’s net metering program allows Florida residents to sell back to the grid any extra, unused electricity that their solar array produces. An application process and a special meter are all you need to potentially receive credits each month toward your energy bills, or deductions on each month’s bill.
  • The 30% federal tax credit: Take note that 2019 is the LAST year to take advantage of this federal incentive to switch to solar. This rebate will take 30% of the cost of your solar array’s installation off your federal taxes.
  • Increase home value: A solar energy system can boost the value of your home an estimated $15,000, and the system will pay for itself in a matter of years after the aforementioned savings are considered.


The Most Cost-Efficient Form of Energy


Solar energy truly boasts an impressive return on investment. Consider all the ways solar energy can help you save — wondering why you still haven’t switched to solar? Reach out today and we can get you started on a path to installing the cleanest, most cost-efficient form of energy out there!