Solar Energy in
St. Croix

Solar Energy in St. Croix

St. Croix. Whether you’re a commercial or public sector institution in this region or a homeowner, ProSolar Caribbean can help you save big on energy costs in addition to being prepared with reliable energy for the next hurricane that heads our way. ProSolar Caribbean is the premier Solar Energy company serving the U.S. Virgin Island, and we have been for over a decade. We offer a wide variety of renewable energy products and services. We can help you reduce energy costs, go completely off-grid, or both!

Exploring the Advantages of Solar Energy in the Caribbean

Embracing solar energy comes with a multitude of benefits. When you opt for solar power, you can:

  • Experience savings of up to 100% on your monthly energy expenses.
  • Secure a reliable power source even during severe storms and hurricanes, eliminating the need for grid dependency, generators, or frantic searches for flashlights.
  • Enhance the value of your home by as much as 15%.
  • Establish a steady power supply for industries requiring uninterrupted energy to safeguard inventories or patients.
  • Attain a significant return on investment, with most systems paying for themselves within 6 to 8 years.
  • Contribute to environmental preservation by opting for solar energy, which generates zero pollution or greenhouse gas emissions!

Introducing Our Renewable Energy Solutions

Discover a comprehensive array of renewable energy products and services tailored to meet your specific energy requirements and objectives.

Residential Solar Solutions

Take control of your energy consumption and environmental impact by embracing residential solar systems. Reduce your carbon footprint, cut down on energy bills, and power your home sustainably with our customized solar energy solutions.

Tesla Powerwall Integration

Achieve unparalleled energy independence with the Tesla Powerwall. This cutting-edge backup battery seamlessly stores surplus energy, ensuring continuous power supply during outages and natural disasters, all within a sleek and compact design.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Elevate your business operations with reliable and eco-friendly solar power solutions. By harnessing the sun’s energy, you can enjoy a clean and sustainable power source that not only reduces operational costs but also enhances your environmental stewardship.

Our Distinctive Process

At ProSolar Caribbean, we are renowned for our commitment to exceptional customer service and meticulous attention to detail. Our tailored process ensures a seamless transition to solar energy, prioritizing your goals and needs:


At a risk-free consultation, we’ll answer all your questions about solar energy, the Tesla PowerWall, and/or Net Metering, and we’ll discuss your energy goals as well as what a solar energy system will look like for your home or business.

Energy assessment

For our solar energy and Net Metering clients, we’ll conduct an energy assessment to give you a clear idea of your property’s solar energy potential as well as the potential savings you’ll enjoy at the outset of the project.

Expert installation

Once we’ve signed a contract, we’ll install your solar energy system with only the best durable and reliable materials.

Support and logistics

Though solar energy systems don’t require much maintenance after installation, we’re always a phone call away with any questions or concerns! We’ll also help you set up Net Metering so you can start saving immediately.