Surviving Hurricane Season through Renewable Energy

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Natural disasters are an unavoidable reality to many people in the United States. Hurricanes top this listand account for large-scale casualties including loss of life, property damage, and just an overallnegative impact on the economy. When traditional electricity facilities succumb to the strong winds andheavy rains, it takes a significant amount of time and money to have them rebuilt and restored. As aresult, extended periods of energy loss tend to cause great suffering to communities and put them atrisk of accidents, illness, and other inconveniences. Hurricanes and other catastrophes are not expectedto lessen anytime soon, so businesses and households have started turning to renewable energyalternatives to alleviate the devastating effects.

Switching to Clean Energy

Contrary to (still) popular belief, adopting renewable energy systems does not cost more than
conventional ones and they certainly aren’t difficult to maintain either. While it is true that fuelpowered facilities currently outnumber solar-powered infrastructure, it is no reason to conclude that
switching to the latter will cause costly disruptions. How exactly does clean energy effectively address
energy security concerns during hurricane season?

Strength and Stability

Physical damage of energy utilities is the primary cause of power loss. Reconstruction can take months
to years; meanwhile, residents are left in the dark – literally and figuratively – to determine how to carry
on with their daily lives without electricity. Solar power storage systems, on the other hand, are made to
withstand extreme weather conditions and outlive traditional power frameworks. Solar panels, in
particular, have been subjected to multiple pressure tests to ensure their resilience to high winds, heavy
rainfall, and even hail.

Storage and Security

The key advantage of using solar energy systems is the ability to store energy before hurricane season
begins. It is the precautionary nature of this solution that makes solar-powered equipment much more
secure than its traditional counterpart. Supply of solar power will almost never be depleted – NASA
claims that the sun will be around for another 6.5 billion years before it runs out of energy. When highquality solar panels survive inclement weather conditions, they can continue to generate energy from
the sun to help member of the community get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Keep the Lights on with ProSolar Florida

Hurricanes are a natural occurrence and therefore inescapable. However, there is no need to fear the
aftermath if you prepare early and secure your home or business with solar energy systems. Investing in
a clean, renewable energy solution not only keeps you protected during calamity season but also
provides ecological and economic benefits the whole year round. Our technicians carry a wealth of
experience in the field and can help you develop a custom system for you. Call or message us today to
avail of a free consultation and onsite energy audit.