Top 4 Reasons for Business Owners to Switch to Solar

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Top 4 Reasons for Business Owners to Switch to Solar


We talk a lot about the benefits of solar energy for residential applications, but solar energy arrays also have impressive benefits for commercial applications as well. More and more office buildings, warehouses, and other commercial structures are installing solar arrays and relying on solar energy.

If you own a brick and mortar business, especially in the health/medical or food services industries, switching to solar can provide an affordable source of energy you can count on at all times.


Consider a few of the top reasons business owners can benefit from switching to solar:

Save money every month


Business owners are always looking to save money on necessary expenses without sacrificing quality. Solar energy arrays to power your office can reduce your monthly electric bill by up to 100% — and though a system is an investment now, it usually pays for itself within seven or eight years. Imagine what you could do with the capital that usually goes toward your electric bill every month!


A dependable source of energy


It’s no surprise when Florida experiences severe thunderstorms or hurricanes. But if you’re a business owner whose livelihood and clients depend on your office building having power for the sake of safety or inventory — such as in the health/medical or food service industries — you want a reliable source of power to keep you moving forward even during the worst storms. With solar energy, if the electric grid fails, you don’t have to worry about patients being at risk or losing large quantities of inventory. Solar energy backups (see more below!) will keep your business safe.


Rest easy with a backup


Products like the Tesla PowerWall backup battery help you rest easy because even if power is out for twenty minutes or several hours, you’ll be able to keep the lights on. The technicians at ProSolar Florida are certified Tesla PowerWall installers and can install a backup battery that will keep your business powered even on rainy days and during severe storms.


Make your business environmentally conscious


More and more people are looking to make their businesses more environmentally conscious. Living in Florida, a priority for many is to keep our beautiful home state and all the natural beauty within it clean and thriving. By switching to solar energy, your business or office building can take strides toward this goal of being environmentally friendly. Solar energy contributes zero pollution and NO harmful greenhouses gases.

Make the switch to solar with ProSolar Florida


Ready to help your business make the switch to solar, or simply interested in learning more? Reach out to the specialists at ProSolar Florida. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about solar energy and about our extensive experience helping residential and commercial clients switch to solar across Florida and the Caribbean.

Regardless of your industry, solar energy can work for you, saving you money every single month, giving you peace of mind, and helping to make our atmosphere cleaner. Your business can’t afford NOT to make the switch!